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HST’s high-engagement Value-Driven Health Plan services take reference-based pricing to the next level. Contact us to learn more about how we partner with members, employers, and brokers.

Common Questions

Reference-based pricing is a healthcare model that uses data-driven, established benchmarks to determine provider reimbursement.

A Value Driven Health Plan (VDHP) is a high-engagement plan that uses reference-based pricing, with or without a network, and includes member and provider engagement tools that promote pricing accountability and transparency, leading to higher provider acceptance.

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HST works with health plan members by providing them with engagement tools to help them make the most of their benefit dollars. For example, members have access to HST Connect, a mobile app and website that allows them to choose a provider based on price, quality and how likely the provider is to accept HST’s rate. If in the rare instance, members face balance billing, they have access to HST’s Patient Advocacy Center, who will work on the members’ behalf to negotiate a settlement.

When a member chooses a healthcare provider to receive treatment from, HST engages that provider at key points such as prior authorization to make sure the provider understands potential reimbursement before services are rendered. In some cases, HST negotiates acceptable settlements with providers after service is rendered.

HST also gives healthcare systems the opportunity to be the center of a Value-Driven Health Plan. When this happens, HST and the provider agree on a reimbursement rate, and claims from providers in the system are reimbursed at this rate. HST reprices claims for providers outside of the system using reference-based pricing.

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If you’re an employer or broker, looking to cut healthcare spend while maintaining member satisfaction, HST Value-Driven Health Plan (VDHP) design may be the healthcare cost solution you’re looking for. HST’s Value-Driven Health Plan services help employers keep a close eye on their healthcare spend while empowering their employees to make informed decisions necessary to receive quality care.

If you are a plan member, go to HSTConnect.com.

Select the white “Learn More” button or the green “Begin Search” button to login and search for facilities as well as providers. 

If you are having trouble logging in or have other questions, contact your HR administrator. 

Your registration information can be found on your ID card.

Yes, you can access your HST Value-Driven Health Plan services from your phone. Download the HST Connect® app in the Google Play or AppleStore. Once downloaded, click on the button that says, “Registration.” From there you can access key information about your Value-Driven Health Plan services directly from your mobile device.