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Who is HST?

10+ Years redefining
reference-based pricing

Value-Driven Health Plan Services for employers of all sizes

Innovative engagement tools for plan members

For more than 10 years, HST has redefined reference-based pricing. Now as part of MultiPlan, HST enables Value-Driven Health Plan Services for employers of all sizes. HST’s healthcare technology objectively determines the value of medical services, and our innovative engagement tools equip members to make optimal use of their plan benefits.

HST is broker driven

HST helps brokers expand their book of business with our unique member, provider, and employer-friendly Value-Driven Health Plan Services. We help you provide your clients a plan that stands apart with our unbeatable:

Through our valued broker partnerships, we work with you to minimize healthcare costs by presenting innovative solutions to keep your current clients and any prospects satisfied. We support you through every step of the process from:

You can find some of our customizable pre-sales and enrollment materials in our Broker Resource Center.

What are Value-Driven Health Plans?

With most plans, providers set their own prices — and these prices can vary greatly.

Value-Driven Health Plans are a transparent way to determine the price of service by reimbursing providers based on the value and quality of care that they provide. HST’s pricing methodology uses Medicare+ and Cost+ information to determine a fair and reasonable price for medical service reimbursements.

The end result is a lower price based on value with a baseline that is transparent and fair for all parties.

But that’s only part of it. A Value-Driven Health Plan also engages the member and provider in making optimal use of plan benefits, leading to high provider acceptance and member satisfaction.

Flexible Plan Options

Option 1: Standard VDHP


Option 2: Full VDHP


Option 3: HST Care Connect


Value-Added Services

Balance Bill Protection Service

Virtually eliminate member balance bill exposure – HST handles any provider settlements from start to finish.

Coordination of Benefits

Ensures the plan pays claims accurately and confirms member eligibility through advanced data analytics, validation, recovery and cost avoidance.


Identify, investigate, negotiate, recover and remit claims payment using advanced data mining. Uses analytics to generate insight to help identify accurate and efficient actions. Recovers 70-80% of incorrectly paid claims.

Why would an employer be interested in Value-Driven Health Plan Services?

Value-Driven Health Plan Services provide the engagement tools necessary to keep employees and providers happy while driving down employer healthcare costs.



AI-driven negotiation offers for higher appeal resolution success

Pricing explanations and negotiation options during pre-certification

On-demand payment including at the point of service



Defensible pricing that adapts for regulatory, market and other dynamics

Robust agreement negotiation and management tailored to the population

Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive performance analytics



Provider search based on cost, quality and VDHP acceptance


Communication via phone, email and text

Why HST?

HST’s VDHP              vs         Other RBP Vendors         

Employer ImpactsFlexible Plan Options & Bundles+
PHCS Network Exclusivity+
Predictable PEPM Fees+
NSA & Pricing Transparency Compliant+
Flexible, Adaptive Pricing Technology+
Prescriptive Analytics and Reporting+
Member ImpactsProvider Pushbackless than 1% +/-5%
Provider RelationshipCollaborativeNon-collaborative
Extensive Member & Cost-Estimation Tools+
Patient Advocacy Center (PAC)+
Balance Bill Protection Service+
Provider Settlement Portal / QwikPay+

Traditional vs Standard VDHP Case Study

Client Profile:

Employees: 7,450
Location: Oregon (HQ), 44 states
Industry: Education
Products: HST + PHCS + Concierge


  • 99% Acceptance rate
  • 58 : 1 Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 130% Overall Medicare percentage
Case Study 2
Case Study 3

Health Plan Services

By the Numbers

Employer Groups
0 +



Health Plans Services

By the Numbers

By the Numbers

Employer Groups
0 +


provider acceptance rate
0 %
client retention in 2022
0 %
return on Investment (ROI)
0 :1
provider acceptance rate
0 %
client retention in 2022
0 %
return on Investment (ROI)
0 :1

Member Education Materials

We offer comprehensive plan-specific information provided at go-live, including:

  • Virtual library
  • Open Enrollment Guide
  • Know Your Plan poster
  • Patient Advocacy Center
  • Plan-related and HST Connect videos

Request an HST Savings Analysis

Want to learn more about how Value-Driven Health Plan Services may amplify your existing client relationships and attract new business? Request a savings analysis by emailing us at [email protected]. Please be sure to include the following:

  • Company name
  • Plan year effective date
  • Employee census
  • Plan design
  • Number of enrolled employees
  • Total paid medical claims for a year

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